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We specialize in providing all types of following pest control service

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Vector Management Treatment (Mosquitoes & flies control)

This service is very essential for the control of flies and mosquitoes. Vector control treatment comprises of three action plan

  • By treating the breeding areas such as open drains and dustbins etc.
  • By spraying insecticide formulations which residual effect within the premises such as under the bushes, damp area etc.
  • Fogging or misting chemical emulsion in outer area such as open garden areas during dawn and dusk. This service is carried out mostly in large areas like big hotels, industrial & residential townships and housing societies. Offer is submitted for premises after detail inspection.

Dis-Infestation Services (For Cockroaches/ Household Crawling Insects)

This service is provided from controlling all types of crawling insects such as Cockroaches, Silver Fish, Moths, Spiders, Bugs, Black and red ants (Except Termites). Service is provided on single or Yearly Contract basis.

Weed Control Treatment

Weeds and grasses that crops up around the industrial plants, airports, refineries, yards and power stations etc. are a constant potential hazard to men and property. Also weeds hinder the movement of men and repairs of the building and obscure clear visibility, not to mention the possibility of a fire. Mechanical or manual wedding provides only temporary or partial relief as most weeds grow as fast as they are removed. Only spraying of and dusting of effective and proper weedicides can obtain enduring and effective feed free conditions. Estimate can be given only after comprehensive inspection and identification of the weeds at the site.

Garden Pest Management Services

We are also specialized in taking care of your beautiful ornamental garden, farm houses, lawns and kitchen gardens. Various unknown and unwanted insects like butterflies, months, hoppers, bugs, gnats and all other crawling and flying insect pest are very dangerous for the plants in your garden areas. Theses pests are injury to plants and tree by devouring leaves, buds, stems, roots, lowers, fruits and seeds. We undertake garden pest control treatment by spraying and dusting insecticides/ pesticides which removes these unwanted guests from your garden premises.

Consultancy Services

We provide non-pesticide based pest control products like

  • Eelectric insect killer.
  • Electric insect trappers.
  • Rodex-boxes.
  • Rodent glue traps.
  • Bird repellent solution & other related products.

Water Proffing Service

We do all types of water proffing services in pre and post constructions stages in the various types of bulling.

Thermal/Heat Insulation

We do Thermal/Heat Insulation of terrace in new & old Buildings.

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