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Termite Control Delhi

The termites infesting the premises belong to the subterranean species, which live in the colonies in the soil from where they infiltrate into building through tiny cracks and crevices in the foundations and floors. Once they gain entry into the building they work quickly and silently moving surreptitiously in their mud shelter tubes and destroy wood work, furniture, carpets, paper products, and clothing and the for that matter any article having a cellulose base. It is not easy to get rid of a termite infestation. Highly scientific methods, specialized equipments and trained personnel are required to eradicate the infestation and render the building free/ safe from re-infestation of termites. For eradication and control of termite's infestation the service are carried out in following different ways.

Identification Of Termite Infestation

  • Presence of swarms of winged reproductive flying from the soil or wood is an identification of an established colony in the house and / or its immediate vicinity.
  • Wood damage- The spring or softwood is eaten out leaving paper-thin walls between the galleries and the presence of earth-like shelter mud tubes.
  • Dry wood and non-subterranean termites are recognized by their pellets of excreta containing partly digested wood.
  • Hollow sound on tapping structural timber will indicate destructive activity of termite inside.

Chemical Control Of Termites

It is not easy to get rid of a termite infestation. Highly scientific methods, specialized equipments and trained personnel are reacquired to eradicate the infestation and render the building free/safe from reinfestation of termites. Chemical soil treatment, using a residual Termiticide / Pesticide enables the Pest Management Professionals (PCO to give some warranty against further termite attack/infestation within a certain period.

For eradication and Control of Termites infestation the services are carried out in two different ways.

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